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Collings Lakes Civic Association
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Coming Events
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What's new?

Shortly you will be recieving the new edition of the Our town Newletter. In it will be a list of events for the next three months. These are not the only events that will be held, but the just the brgining of our plans. Check back here often to find out what's going on. If you have any ideas for up coming events, drop us a line. We're always looking for something new.

Lakes' Flea Market

May 19th will be the first CLCA Flea Market. It will be held on the basketball court across from Beach One. If that becomes filled we will also have beach spaces available. The cost per space is $3.00 with a current CLCA Beach Tag, and $12.00 without. We will be selling refreshments, holding raffles & contests. Proceeds will go towards CLCA Youth Activities. For Reservations send an email to or contact the Social & Youth Committee #'s on your news letter (rain date May 20th).

Kid's Beach Party

If you missed last years beach party for kids 12 and under you missed out on a great time, but we're going to do it again. They'll be games, music, prizes, refreshments, and all the fun we can pack into one afternoon at the beach. See if you have what it takes to be the Collings Lakes Dodge Ball Champion 2001. You can even bring your moms, dads, and grandparents if you want. Cya there June 3rd at 1pm (rain date June 16th).

Annual Kick Off Barbecue

June 9th will be the social event of the season. This party is a combined effort of all the committees spearheaded by the I.C.E. Committee. If you were there last year you know what a good time it was. Watch for more details. As always we're looking for volunteers. If you're interested send an email to or call the I.C.E. Committee #'s on your news letter.


Sure we have beaches. We have lakes and we have some of the best fishing in the state, but we also have talent. Make plans to attend LAKESTOCK on June 23rd. We have some young bands already schedueled but we need more. If you know a band, or have a band send an email to or contact the Social Committee #'s in your news letter (rain date June 24th).

Planned Events:

* April 29th Flower Planting Day

* May 5th Lakes, Beaches & Dams Clean up

* May 12th Paint & Clean up day

* May 19th flea market basketball court beach 1

* May 11th kid's movie night

* June 2nd Lakes, Beaches & Dams Clean up

* June 3rd, kid's opening beach party

* June 9th, Annual Kick Off Barbecue

* June 23rd, LAKESTOCK!!

* July 21st, teen camp fire

* August 18, kids beach party

* Misc, haogie & bake sales and other activities will be added

What would you like to do?

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