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Collings Lakes Civic Association
Executive Board


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Executive Board
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Executive Board Meetings

C.L.C.A. Executive Board meetings are held the first Thursday of every month. If you have a subject that you would like the board to address please contact a board member prior to the Wednesday before the meeting, so that it may be added to the current agenda. You can call one of the numbers on your mailing list, or drop us an email.

The following is a brief explanation of the civic association officers, and their duties as set fourth in Article, VI of the C.L.C.A. Constitution and By-laws.

The officers of the association, like everyone else involved are volunteers, and are in no way compensated for their time or efforts


Jim Stewart

Presides over all meetings of the association, and the executive board. He along with the Secretary are responsible for counter signing all contracts and written obligations He is also responsible for signing off on all checks issued by the treasurer, and approved by the executive board.

Vice President

Edward Voluntad

is the officer directly involved with all actions involving the lakes, beaches, and dams. This person will also perform the duties of the President if he is unavailable for any reason.


Norma Ruef

is responsible for keeping track of all association finances. All checks paid out by the board must first be issued by this officer, and then counter signed by the president, or vice-president. The treasurer is also responsible for providing a monthly financial report, and a yearly detailed financial report which will be audited by a board appointed accountant.


Alora Baver

is responsible for all association correspondence, records, and papers as well as keeping the minutes of all executive board meetings.

Committee Chair-people

Steve Bass, Kurt Deuter, Barbara Hehre, Marx Heller,
Janet Kouser, Jim McKee, Larry Rivera, Michele Sessions

Committee Updates