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Collings Lakes Civic Association
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Lakes, Beaches & Dams
Clean up Day

The first Saturday of every month will be Lakes, beaches & Dams Clean Up Day. We need all the help we can get. The current improvements have been done by just a handful of people. Imagine what we could achieve with more volunteers. If you'd like to help meet at 9am every first Saturday on Beach #1.

Dam Committee

Kurt Deuter & Marx heller

This committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the dams. It is also responsible for formulating an emergency action plan, access and vandalism control, signs, as well as the formal and informal inspections of all dams and access roads.

The Dams Committee is currently working on bringing the water level back to normal after the recent lowering, as well as replacing lost or broken boards on the dams.

One of the biggest problems has been clearing away the large volume of trash dumped on or over the dams. Volunteers have seen items such as a lawn mower, a refrigerator, shopping carts, a doghouse, and assorted other items.

The dumping is not only an environmental hazard, but also could be dangerous to the many fisherman, boaters, and swimmers who frequent the lakes.

Please help protect your lakes and your neighbors. If you see anyone dumping anywhere in the Collings Lakes area call 911 immediately.

Lakes & Beaches

Steve Bass & Larry Rivera

This committee is in charge of all cleanup and maintenance of the beaches, as well as the safety of those who use them. It is also responsible for levels, quality, and cleanliness of the water in coordination with the Department of Fish, Game & Wildlife.

The Lakes and Beaches Committee is currently putting together is agenda for general upkeep of the beaches over the winter months, but more importantly are already planning the clean up efforts and improvements planned for the beaches as soon as the weather breaks in the spring.

Information, Communication, & Education (ICE)

Janet Kouser & Barbara Hehre

This committee's goal to keep everyone informed of all progress achieved by the civic association and the executive board. It is planned to do this through the association newsletter, website, and with a welcoming packet we have put together for all new residents, and area real estate agents.

If you have any items you would like added to the newsletter please email them to this website and we will have them forwarded to the committee in charge.

Social & Youth

Michele Sessions & Jim McKee

The objective of this committee is to help the citizens of Collings Lakes maintain a feeling pride and community, through a series of year-round social and civic activities. Although events will be held for everyone, our primary focus will be on our youth and senior citizens.

Check the Comming Events Page for Social & Youth Committee updates.



There is still much work to be done. We need volunteers.
Is your community worth a few hours of your time?
Get your whole family involved! You'll be glad you did.